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Ania B & Tyler Stalman Shoot - Full Length


First off, I would like to start by saying thank you to the many individuals who have helped and inspired me on my writing journey. Funny enough, English was not my strength in school; I struggled with it. When I got the opportunity to write my first piece for Calgary Fashion about Fashion Central's Grand Opening, I did not know how to approach the topic or even have an angle; I just thought to myself, "I have to try." From that point on, I jumped at every opportunity and ran with it.


The purpose of this site is to highlight YOU and YOUR talents. I believe we should all prosper from our personal craft. When you visit, I hope you learn something new and leave feeling inspired, like YOU are one step closer toward YOUR dreams and aspirations.

Photo Credit: Ania B & Tyler Stalman - Dress is from Topshop Canada and the shoes are from Stuart Weitzman

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