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Published on the Calgary Herald Blog on April 25, 2014. 1:14 am • Section: Style

Mary Lougheed

Saturday, April 26th marks the second annual Heart Truth Fashion Show in Calgary at the gorgeous location, Eighth Avenue Place. The event is to help raise awareness and funds for the Heart and Stroke Foundation: more specifically, to inform the public that a heart attack and/or a stroke do not just happen to men, but actually occurs more frequently with women.

Local designers and celebrities have teamed up to show off their special take on the famous red dress. One of the inspirational women to walk the runway is Healthcare Professional and Community Volunteer, Mary Lougheed who is paired with the talented designer Malika Rajani.

“This dress is inspired by the glamorous Hollywood looks of the 1930’s and 1950’s with embellishment taken from exquisite vintage embroidery.  (It’s ultra) feminine and (has a) beautiful whimsical vintage feel,” comments Rajani.

Both are strongly passionate about heart health and have been affected in different ways. Here are their stories:

Lougheed: “I was 20 years old when I started working as a Registered Nurse in ER.  I always remember a woman in ER (who had) a massive heart attack. Her symptoms were vague and yet her attack was massive.  She made me realize that heart disease is not a ‘man’s disease’ and now I realize women are more likely than men to die of a heart attack or stroke. The good news is that woman can reduce their risk of heart disease and stroke by as much as 80% by making healthy lifestyle changes!

For these reasons, I will always strive to maintain a heart healthy lifestyle.  I feel very fortunate to have a healthy heart (as it) allows me to have an active life and enjoy (special moments) with my family and friends.”

Rajani: “Heart health is important to me because heart disease has run in my family for two generations. My grandfather and my father were heart patients. My father had a heart attack and subsequently bi-pass surgery. It is very important to be aware of heart risks and to take good care of our hearts; after all, it’s (what) keeps us going!”

What is your story? Why is heart health important to you?

For more information on the Heart Truth Fashion Show, please visit their site here.

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