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Published on the Calgary Herald Blog on March 14, 2014. 8:49 am • Section: Style

Winnipeg-born clothing designer, Ashley Kasdorf of Kazz Clothing, who moved around with her five sisters and parents in her younger years due to her father’s work, has now taken permanent residence in Regina.

“I come from a family of all girls, so I decided to carry my family name through my clothing line!” she says. Kazz is her nickname.

She is one of the several designers who will be showcasing her Spring/Summer 2014Collection at PARKSHOW this Saturday, March 15th at the NGA Golf Dome.

Kazz Clothing - Kimono & LBD

Kazz Clothing S/S 2014 Collection: Floral Kimono with Little Black Dress

With only two years behind her brand, Kasdorf has received great publicity. She has been featured on CTV Morning Live as well as Global News Regina, and in publications such as Leader-Post Fashion and Metro Regina; she continues to gain momentum.

It began last year, when the Mercedes-Benz Start Up Program invited her to Calgary to showcase her designs in front of a select panel of expert judges in the fashion industry. Although she was not nominated as a finalist to show at Toronto Fashion Week last October, she caught the eye of Promoting Artists Redefining Kulture (PARK) president and CEO Kara Chomistek, who has taken Kasdorf under her wing ever since.

Being a part of Saskatchewan Fashion Week also allowed the public to take notice of her.

“I like quality pieces and I like fundamental pieces. My clothing line is (focused) around the idea of wardrobe fundamentals: very simplistic stylish clothing that people can really translate from (a professional work) day (look) to (an evening look). ”

The outfit to watch for at Saturday’s event from Kasdorf is the floral kimono with white chiffon trimming worn on top of a little, simple V-neck black dress. “It’s one of my stand-out pieces (because of its pattern and) encompasses all of the colours from my collection,” she says.

Besides being a clothing designer, Kasdorf is a sports fanatic who enjoys soccer and has played the sport for over 20 years. She also has another love: sketching.

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